How Much Are Canning Jars?

Canning jars are specialized jars that can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of the canning process. They also have a flat lid that can be vacuum sealed in order to preserve the food inside. If you’re just starting to can your own produce, you might be wondering how much canning jars cost.

Types Of Canning Jars And Their Prices

Let’s now look at a variety of different types of canning jars and their relevant average prices.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are the original canning jars, and these range in price depending on the size and quantity that you buy. For example, a single 4-ounce jar might cost between $1 to $5, depending on where you buy it. 

On the other hand, a dozen one-quart wide-mouth jars can cost as little as $10 to $22. This illustrates the cost saving when buying larger quantities.

Ball Jars

This is another very popular brand of canning jars. These jars are available in a wide range of stores, either physical or online, including Walmart, Target, and Amazon. Generally, they range in price from $3 to $25.

However, on average, the cost of an 8-ounce jar is around $1 each, and you can get 12 of these currently at Walmart for $12.97.

On the other hand, a pack of 6 wide-mouth 64-ounce jars will set you back $41.75 currently at Walmart. That’s around $6.95 per jar.

Weck Jars

These canning jars are made in Germany and range in price from $5 to $50. For example, you can currently get a set of 4 of their half-liter jars for $30.98 on Amazon. That’s equivalent to 4 x 17-ounce jars.

These jars are a little different from ball and mason jars in that they have a wide rubber seal and a flat glass lid that is held on by steel clips or clamps.

La Parfait Jars

La Parfait jars are made in France and range in price from $8 to $50. Their canning jars are available in a range of sizes from 8-ounce jars all the way up to 960-ounce jars. They also have thick rubber seals, but the glass lids are secured with a metal clamp.

These jars are available from their official US website and also Amazon,

Kilner Jars

Kilner jars have been around since 1842 and are high-quality jars. They range in price from $9 to $80 and have a range of specialty jars for things other than canning, like fermenting and making mayonnaise. 

The Kilner company is based in England, and their jars are available on their official website and also on Amazon.

Where Can You Buy Canning Jars?

As mentioned, canning jars are available at a variety of retailers, both in their physical stores and those that have an online website.

Many major canning jar manufacturers have their own websites that you can purchase from, but these may also be available at retail outlets such as Walmart and Target.

Major online retailers of canning jars include Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Other online retailers include Tractor Supply which currently has a set of 12 one-pint Ball jars for $14.99. This retailer also stocks a range of different-sized jars in either a 6 or 12-pack.

Another popular online store is Webstaurant. This company mainly supplies restaurant and cafe owners, but it does have a wide range of canning jars available to purchase in bulk. For example, they have Ball half-pint quilted jars available for $12.49 per case. There are 12 jars in the case. However, you might have to set up a business account to buy from them.

Menards is another online store that sells a wide range of canning jars at very affordable prices. For example, they currently have a 12-pack of Ball wide-mouth quart jars for $11.56. That’s less than $1 per jar.

Factors That Can Affect The Cost Of Canning Jars

The cost of canning jars can vary in a number of ways depending on a variety of different factors. One of these is the size of the jar. Canning jars typically come in pint and quart sizes, but there are also half-pint and half-quart-sized jars. Obviously, the larger jars will cost more.

Another factor that can affect the price of canning jars is the brand of the jar. The original brand for canning jars was Mason. That’s why most canning jars are often referred to as mason jars. However, the patent for Mason’s brand of canning jars expired way back in 1879, and since then, a variety of other manufacturers have started producing canning jars.

Emerging brands included Ball, Drey, Kerr, Mason, Atlas, Know, Globe, Golden Harvest, and Mom’st. However, some of these brands eventually disappeared, and Newell Brands acquired the brands of Ball, Golden Harvest, Bernardin, and Kerr.

Popular glass manufacturer Anchor Hocking now also manufactures canning jars under its brand after the popularity of the jars left a shortfall in the supply of canning jars to the market.

Other prominent brands in the market include Denali, Kilner, Mainstay, Orchard Road, PUR, and Weck.

Seasonal availability is another factor that might affect the price of canning jars, as stocks may become limited when supplies can’t keep up with demand. This is especially the case during canning season.

You’ll also find that if you buy your jars in larger quantities, you might be able to reduce the cost of each jar compared to just purchasing the jars individually. Many retailers offer canning jars in quantities of six, twelve, or even twenty-four.

You Can Also Buy Second-Hand Canning Jars

canning jars

If you don’t mind buying used or pre-loved canning jars, there are plenty of options that you can explore. For example, Thrift stores may sometimes have canning jars available at reasonable prices. You might have to visit your local thrift stores often to see if they have any in stock.

Another good place to find pre-loved canning jars is at garage sales. If you don’t mind getting up early and visiting some garage sales around your neighborhood, you might be able to pick up some bargains. 

How To Sterilize Pre-Loved Canning Jars

If you plan to buy second-hand canning jars from thrift stores or garage sales, you want to ensure that you sterilize them before use. Of course, it’s also a good idea to use brand-new seals to ensure that the jars are safe for long-term storage.

However, if you’re using the pressure canning method, you don’t have to sterilize your jars before use. Popping them in the dishwasher to give them a good clean is all that is necessary, as the pressure canning process will sterilize both the jars and the food in the jars.

To sterilize your jars, you will need a boiling water canner or a large pot with a rack to lift the jars off the bottom. Place the jars upright in the canner and fill them and the canner with hot water so that the level is 1 inch above the tops of the jars.

Boil the jars in the canner for around 10 minutes. Once the jars have been boiled, use a jar lifter or a pair of tongs to take them out one by one. Drain the water out of the jars and leave them to air dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reuse canning jars?

Canning jars can definitely be reused as long as they have no cracks or chips. However, you should replace the sealing rings after each canning session and the lids periodically.

How do you know which size of a canning jar to buy?

The size of the canning jar you have to buy depends on the foods that you want to preserve with the canning process. Generally speaking, small jars are ideal for jams, jellies, and pickles, while larger jars are better for preserving fruits and vegetables.

Can you use any type of jar for canning?

No, normal glass jars are not suitable for canning as they can easily crack or break when subjected to the high temperatures and pressure that are needed for preserving your food.

Are there any safety concerns when using canning jars?

With any type of canning process, it’s important to follow the instructions in the recipe precisely. You also want to ensure that you start with clean jars and equipment. Plus, you want to inspect the jars before you start to ensure that they don’t have any cracks or chips.

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