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Parthenocarpic Cucumbers (13 Best Varieties to Grow Now)

Many home gardeners love to grow cucumbers throughout the summer months. While looking at the varieties available, you may have noticed some of them being labeled as parthenocarpic cucumbers. More than likely, this has prompted you to ask, what are parthenocarpic cucumbers? Parthenocarpic cucumbers are those varieties that are able to set fruit without pollination. …

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How Deep To Plant Seeds

As home gardeners, it’s common for us to grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Seeds are generally inexpensive to purchase, and there’s an enormous pleasure to be had from watching a plant grow to full size from a tiny seed. Generally, seeds should be planted no deeper than around 2 or …

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Is Gardening Hard?

For many years that have been many programs on the television that pushes gardening as an enjoyable task to do and a convenience. However, what these programs do not tell you is how hard it is to maintain a garden.  Gardening is quite hard for beginners as it requires some knowledge and may sometimes be …

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